1080p/4k security cameras

Are you looking for the high-resolution security cameras in the present market? Then our harb system provides 1080p/4k security cameras with a perfect large area coverage and perfect for identifying objects at the greater distance.

Dome Fixed Lens

A Fixed dome lens camera provides a simple solution for indoor and outdoor security camera needs. It is designed to provide high-quality picture over a wide range and covers every kind of environment, day and night. Which protect against redirection, defocusing and impact by the way cameras are pointing.

Dome Motorized

Dome motorized security cameras have been large and it can control the zoom of the camera. Even motorized zoom lens can be remotely controlled over network.

Dome Vandal

Choosing Dome Vandal is a waterproof security camera which is the best choice for both indoor and outdoor CCTV surveillance where low light surveillance is needed without any use of infrared technology.

Bullet fixed lens

If you need a bullet fixed lens camera for an outdoor surveillance? There are different types of bullet camera tending to be larger in diameter and video surveillance camera are typically small, it will work in low light and zero light applications.

Bullet Motorized

the 1080p/4k bullet motorized security systems are affordable network cameras with remote controlled zoom lenses and you can control the view of the camera from NVM from your smartphone or as well as a computer. Bullet motorized camera had infrared night vision.


PTZ Security Cameras allows you to control the tilt, pan and zoom operations of the camera lens remotely or through surveillance DVR or PTZ Cameras have the ability to move in all directions such as up, down, right, left, and even zoom. A single PTZ camera takes the place of all numerous standard security cameras.

Covert/Hidden cameras

Hidden cameras are referred as convert cameras which provide additional layer of security for protecting your business or home. It is a range of common objects makes them almost undetectable to the human eye. Wired, wireless, indoor and outdoor spy cameras are easy to install and use.

Doorbell cams

Doorbell cams are mainly used at night. Some cameras with night-vision capabilities are able to capture high-resolution footage of anyone near a home’s entrance by using infrared or LED technology. Different types of doorbell cams are available i.e. wireless video doorbell, simple home Wi-Fi video doorbell and etc.

Nanny cams

Nanny cams are a small security camera that is easy to hide inside your home by keeping an eye on your kids and show you what’s going on. It is affordable, it is easy to install and easy to use.  Even it can help you to take proper action when necessary.