Introducing 24/7 Protection That You Can Truly Trust

Security Cameras

Harb offers a variety of high-resolution security cameras. Cameras that supply 100%, full HD (1080p/4K) images, 360 degree extensive area coverage, and high definition
identifying/motion sensor availability for capturing any object at any distance.

Fire Alarms

A complete set of fire alarm services that entails start-to-finish installations. From our expert fire architects conducting the mapping and design to the techs executing the install to partnering up with city inspection; Harb protects you and your building from any instance of fire and intrusion.


Alarm Systems

Harb introduces a wide range of wired to wireless security camera solutions with self-monitoring, motion censored, and automatic light-signaled protection.

Access Control

Passwords, pins, security tokens—and even biometric scans—are all credentials commonly used to identify and authenticate a user making up Harbs supply of growing access control features. Even with incredibly advanced electronic and electromagnetic locks, Harbs team provides the most ultimate entryway protection to any business or home.

Wireless Solutions

The newest player in the game, wireless solutions. Wireless security systems solutions, whether for your home or business, can be configured to record and store CCTV security footage straight to and from the cloud. This means that even if a criminal entered your premises and was able to damage security equipment, the video would be stored safely off-site. Harbs skilled technicians have executed this technical skill, making their wireless installs easy and resilient. This adds an integrated security component to any service. Harb includes hardware solution options as well.

LED Lighting

Harb only uses the most eco-friendly and energy saving commercial-grade LED lights. Not only is the life expectancy greater, Harbs LED products are versatile, healthier on skin, shock resistant, and offer tremendous maintenance savings for any home or business.


Smart Home Capabilities

Harbs smart home capabilities are set up with enormance convenience and cost saving factors. Whether it's a wireless or wired solution your thermostat, refrigerator, front or back porch lights are secured from your home or business at any time and from anywhere.


Custom Security Solutions

Harb offers a unique, design-to-fit security component to their customers. Safe rooms, camouflage
devices, covert safes, metal detectors, and more. Call for more details!