Superior Protection

Introducing 24/7 protection, you can truly trust to keep your home safe. It protects your home with wireless technology. Harb Systems is so remarkably effective a Wisconsin police department uses it to catch criminals.

Tech Experts

Tech experts at CNET call Harb Systems “better, smarter home security… an outstanding value.” Why? We got rid of everything that makes most home security such a pain. There are no annual contracts, no middlemen, and no landline needed. You get superior protection - for less than half what traditional companies charge.

Services Offered by Harb Systems

Security Cameras

Are you looking for high-resolution security cameras in the present market? Harb Security Systems provides 1080p/4k security cameras with perfect extensive area coverage and perfect for identifying objects at a greater distance.

Alarm System

We offer a range of wireless and wired security systems with self-monitoring alarm systems, giving you high protection. One thing to keep in mind that awareness of any alarm system is the local requirement for all alarm permits.

Fire Alarm

Your needs are unique, and our team of experts is equipped to deliver on our commitment to putting our customers first. We offer the complete set of services, from design and installation, to inspections, testing and regular maintenance to protect you and your buildings from fire and intrusion.

Access Control

We provide incredibly advanced and convenient electronic deadlocks and electromagnetic locks. Our access control services can be the ultimate protection for your doors.

LED Lighting

Commercial LED lights are energy-saving and have a much longer life expectancy. LED lightings are more shock resistant. LED lighting solutions offer tremendous energy and maintenance savings that easily justify their higher upfront cost.

Wireless Solutions

Our wireless solutions are easy to install, resilient and have an integrated security system in place.